straight 8 berlin - 9th july

straight 8 are heading to berlin

with 7, brand-new straight 8 2011 entries to premiere

each made on a single cartridge of super 8mm film, they've never been seen before, even by the filmmakers


the night will include the german premiere of all 8 films from straight 8's incredible 2011 cannes film festival program

there'll be beer and music until late, it's totally free to get in and it's going to be amazing!

it's all happening on july 9th from 8pm

at lützowstrasse 102-104, 10785, berlin

straight 8 'best of an ad bunch' at cannes advertising fest

we're heading back to cannes for the world premiere of 14 amazing films made by adland folk

the 'best of an ad bunch' will play head to head with all 8 films from cannes film festival.

straight 8 2011 'best of an ad bunch':

brög - michelle fraser
excuse me - team euro
focus - kimberly jarred
living with barry - camille & margot
macmillan archive #bm1907 - jamie madge
memories of cottingley - marc holtbecker, robert neumann, steffen kramer
mime poker - joseph connor
near dark - luca gennari
stiff - thom greybe
the debt collector - david walters
the eye-catcher - richard connel, clement woodward, thomas woodward, laura knox
the gardener - donshades dodo
the straight 8 commandments - bigplus & 0800 styles
vacation island - robert christian malmberg

straight 8 2011 cannes film festival selection:

from russia with monsters - cut & paste
gothic enchantment - paul walkingshaw

misty's second movie - benjamin scrimgeour

once in a tube - michael carstens

rouge amour - kezia barnett

wonderful, terrible thing - nick carew

worth a journey - ken hagen takenaka, jens groger

a zombie claymation - lee hardcastle

it's happening on fri 24th june 2011 at the star cinema, 98 rue d’antibes, cannes

coffee + croissants at 11.30am, films at noon

tickets are only available from:

all ticket proceeds go to the fireflies ride for leuka which is a great cause

we're aiming to sell out the cinema so grab as many you need, then tell the rest of the world about it!

there's a facebook event here:

massive thanks to Rushes, their support is enabling all ticket proceeds to go to Fireflies’ Leuka cause. thanks also to Kodak, Deluxe Soho, Deluxe 142, Audio Network and the APA for their further support

straight 8 at sheffield doc/fest 2011

straight 8 return to sheffield international documentary festival for the premiere of 13 brand-new, unedited, unseen documentary masterpieces

selected from our 112 entries

the straight 8 2011 sheffield doc/fest premieres, june 12th, 1pm, sheffield odeon

77: the green green lanes of home - sarah thom (uk)

blue spruce - zachary taylor (uk)

kennedy's hat - matt houghton (uk)

latitiude 45° 35', north - tania boisset (canada)

london lines - rory mathieson (uk)

picnic on the moon - helen nias, angus johnstone (australia)

smile south africa - wilbe van neikerk, gretchen gelant, john wayne smith, mike day, and dwayne enrico (south africa)

symphony - francesca weber-newth & ruth meyer (uk)

the second law - paul cooke, alex ranken, dominic reese-roberts (uk)

underground paris - nic fforde (uk/france)

vacation island - robert christian malmberg (usa)

we'll see what happens - jon lloyd (uk)

worth a journey - ken hagen takenaka, jens gröger (germany)

tickets from the showroom cinema box office


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